eKadence is a web based learning the executives framework for understudies. This framework assists teachers and executives with surveying understudy understanding and capacities. This assists understudies with progressing further in the school system. You can likewise contact your instructor through the framework.

eKadence is a virtual learning framework

eKadence is an online instructive administration framework that gives instructors many devices to deal with the virtual study hall. It permits educators to make and oversee scholarly substance, allot undertakings, and monitor grades. It likewise includes a message board for understudies and educators to team up. Live video gatherings are additionally accessible.

eKadence is a web-based understudy data framework (Sister) that permits clients to see data about an understudy, including participation and grades. It likewise permits understudies to see which necessities they need to finish prior to graduating. It is a virtual homeroom, so understudies can without much of a stretch access course materials and message educators. Understudies could actually go to live video gatherings with educators, and access tasks through the eKadence site.

It assists you with moving further in your school system

At the point when you sign up for an eKadence course, you gain admittance to a learning the board framework that empowers instructors to follow understudy progress and survey their abilities. Utilizing an expertise centered system and particular custom rubrics, eKadence makes it simple for teachers to evaluate understudy capacities and comprehend how well they are doing in class. It likewise gives a stage to guardians to agree with their kid’s educator and move further in their school system.

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It assists you with reaching your educator

To reach out to your educator, eKadence can make it conceivable. Utilizing this product, you can rapidly and effectively send messages to your educator and get some information about the grade you got on a specific task. The stage permits you to effectively contact your instructor and answer to remarks made by different understudies. It additionally permits you to contact your instructor by means of email.

AUHSD’s Parent Gateway is accessible for both Apple iOS and Android clients. Understudies and guardians can get to data about school occasions, ringer plans, transport contracts, advanced citizenship, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can likewise learn about local area administration hours, advising administrations, and wellbeing administrations. Understudies can likewise get to their AP Test 2020 arrangement materials on eKadence.

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