How do you find the right legal team for your case?

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Law is a tricky subject to navigate, and we’re certainly not talking about the complexity of this discipline. No, we’re referring to the weight and significance of legal matters, which almost always intimidates the ordinary citizen. Fittingly though, when your fate is riding on a compound subject with multiplex jargon and clauses, one can’t help but be wary. Still, this does not exempt us from the authority of the system of laws. With every aspect of a modern society governed by the law, an understanding is imperative; for this reason, people have come to rely on legal practitioners for interpretation, regulation, analysis, and counsel on this impenetrable subject. While this much is true, the quality of the legal assistance you get is only as good as the help you employ, which brings us to our next point- how do you find the right legal team for you? Easy, we’ve broken it down into five simple steps.

Do your research

First things first, figure out your legal area of concern. Ideally, the law is a wide subject with scopes in every facet imaginable; following this, one must understand the nature of the case before taking on the search. Once this is done, you can begin by looking up potential legal teams in your area with the internet as your assistant. Here you’ll find single-practice and multi-practice firms; go with the top-rated choice operating in your region, making a point to learn more about their team. Conversely, you can confer with your family, colleagues, and close friends for a recommendation to some of their trusted legal firms.

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Dive into background

With your list of viable law agencies, it’s time to look at your candidate’s background. Where did they study? How many years have they been practicing? Does the firm have lawyers specializing in your legal area of concern? What is their success rate with cases similar to your own? All these tit and bits of information can be scoured online when you employ the right tools. Be sure to utilize your search engine to find all there is to these legal firms, particularly capitalizing on their website, client reviews, and star ratings.

Check accreditation

You’ve done the digging; it’s time to cross-check the facts. Law firms often have their paperwork attached to their website for the client’s review; however, this isn’t always the case. In the latter instance, the client might have to get their detective hat on and check with the listed sources for confirmation of stated licenses and certification; this could mean reaching out to the local bar, study institutions, federal government, et cetera. Alternatively, clients can opt to contact the law firm and request to have these documents mailed to them- experiencing any hesitation with this approach is a major red flag.

Set a Consultation

At this point, you should have at least four potential legal firms listed; reach out to each and set up a consultation meeting. During the consultation, you’ll raise any questions or concerns you may have regarding the case. It is also advisable to keep this session as transparent as possible for an honest and upfront analysis from the lawyers. More importantly, pay cursory attention to how the attorneys respond to your call; that’ll help you gauge their professionalism and communication style.

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Talk budget and costs.

Finally, it’s time to evaluate the cost of your legal case. Start by checking what each agency is charging and run those findings against your budget- this will help you zero in on the firm you can afford. When that’s out of the way, proceed to inquire about the firm’s rate; will you be paying a flat fee, or are they charging you by the hour? Regardless of their stand on that, it’s advisable to request a fee breakdown, so you’re fully aware of what they’re billing you for.

Important tip: Ensure you discuss the payment methods before hiring the law firm. Also, determine whether you’re expected to pay the fee before, after, or during the legal process.

Bottom line

Hiring the right legal team is essential- these are the people you’re entrusting your legal fate with; for this reason, the decision is critical. Take the time to evaluate your options logically before making the call on your ‘it’ firm. Above all else, trust your gut throughout the process- if the law agency you’re looking at doesn’t sit right, do not hesitate to pull out and start over. Remember, these helpful tips will always be here for your reference, so feel free to double back whenever you need them.

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