Are you curious about the latest trends in social media and technology? Well, look no further because we’ve got some exciting news for you! Today’s blog post delves into the recent partnership between Apptopia and Twitter, as well as an interview with Alex Kantrowitz from Big Technology. Get ready to dive deep into the world of social media analytics and discover what this collaboration means for businesses and users alike.

Introducing apptopia

Apptopia is a new app discovery and rating platform that lets users rate and review apps. The company was founded by Twitter co-founder, @kantrowitz and big technology investor, @ericpontin. Apptopia has been compared to @iphoneapplications and @androidapps, two other leading app discovery platforms.

The platform offers a variety of features that make it an appealing alternative to the current app discovery methods. First and foremost, Apptopia aims to provide quality content for its users. This means that ratings are based on how useful the app is, not just how popular it is. This improves the accuracy of ratings, as well as gives valuable insights into which apps users find most useful.

Another key feature of Apptopia is its social networking component. Users can follow other users who have rated or reviewed apps similarly to their own interests, which provides them with additional recommendations for apps they might be interested in. Finally, Apptopia makes it easy for users to share their reviews and ratings with others using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter and the Twitterkantrowitz

The Twitterkantrowitz is a tool that allows users to analyze and visualize the Twitter network. The tool was created by Matthew Green of Johns Hopkins University. The Twitterkantrowitz can be used to find connections between individuals, groups, and topics on Twitter. It can also be used to find patterns in the behavior of people on Twitter.

The Twitterkantrowitz is free to use. It can be downloaded from the Google Code website. The software requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or later to be installed. Once the software is installed, it can be accessed through a web browser.

To use the Twitterkantrowitz, first, open Microsoft Excel 2007 or later and create a new workbook. On the left side of the workbook, select File > New > Workbook…. In the resulting dialog box, select Office 2007 Application Template… In the Name field, enter TwitterKantrowitz…. Click OK….

In the newly created workbook, click on Sheet 1 (the sheet with two columns). On the right side of Sheet 1, insert a column for data and select Data > List Columns…. In the Fields list box, select Tweet ID (located below Column A) and press Enter…. The Tweet ID column will now contain all of your tweets.

Click on Sheet 2 (the sheet without any columns). On the left side of Sheet 2, insert another column for data and select Data > List Columns…. In Fields list

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Big Technology: What It Is, How to Use It

What is big technology?
It’s anything that requires a lot of processing power or storage space, like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. You can use it to stay connected to the internet, watch videos, play video games, and more.
How do I use big technology?
To use big technology, you need a compatible device and an app or website. Here are some tips for using big technology:
1) Download the compatible app or website.
2) Open the app or visit the website.
3) Follow the on-screen instructions.
4) Enjoy your experience!


Twitter has been a big part of the app economy for years now, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Twitterkantrowitz breaks down how the platform is helping companies like BigTechnology grow their businesses. And if you’re looking to get your business noticed on Twitter, then you should definitely take a look at what apptopia has to say.

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